Some Remarkable Operations of Inter Services Intelligence (ISI)


It can be said with full confidence and without a 2nd doubt that ISI has always played a defining role in bringing peace and stability to Pakistan. The inter service intelligence (ISI) is acknowledged worldwide as one of the most powerful agency that currently exist in this universe.

The Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) has successfully conducted mind-blowing operations throughout the world and has failed many terrorist attempts by the powerful mafias. Below are few of the great operations conducted by the Pakistani ISI.

Active Military Intelligence Program during the Bosnian war

The ISI ran an active military program in the Bosnian war that continued for 3 years (1992-1995) under the leadership of General Javed Nasir. The ISI supported the Bosnian mujahideen with anti-tank missiles and weapons to over throw the oppressive regime of the serbs. With the help of the Pakistan military; it turned the tide in favor of Muslim Bosnian. Although, the west was very unhappy with the ISI inclusion but they did that under the nose of the UN. Later, when the ICT demanded the custody of the former ISI director due to his alleged involvement in the Bosnian war, Pakistan denied by stating that the general is in poor health.

The ISI did the operation under the nose of UN and helped Bosnia achieve its independence.

Toppling up the terrorist campaign in Pakistan

1980s – Just when Pakistan was acquiring a bit of economic stability in the region, a terrorist campaign started within Pakistan that was aimed to force the military to step down from power. The ISI was closely observing the Libya Embassy in Islamabad and col Hussain Imam, the military person assigned to the Libyan embassy. They were observed meeting 2 Pakistani exiles who were against the military regime and had planned to topple up the military rule. They received their training from Libiya and were ready to conduct terrorist activity in Pakistan. But before they could do anything, ISI apprehended all the alleged people.

Failed attempt to destroy Pakistan Nuclear Facility

After destroying the Iraq nuclear facility, they turned their faces against Pakistan. According to the ISI, they were many attempts made by the IAF under the support of Israel to destroy Pakistan’s nukes site of Kahuta. The series of events happened between 1981 and 1985 where IAF attempted multiple attacks on Pakistan’s nukes which were later revealed by the Pakistani ISI. They not only defended Pakistan’s nukes but they made a counter attack on the Indian nukes.

Defeating the soviets in Afghanistan

When the soviet attacked Afghanistan with the help of the communist group, it was evident that sooner or later, Afghanistan will fell into the hands of the Soviets. The ISI helped the Taliban with heavy weapons and infantry to defeat the soviet by every means. They not only helped Taliban in kicking the soviets out of the region but it broke soviets into many pieces. Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan are few independent pieces that were once a part of Soviet Union.

ISI stopped India from Bombing Karachi and Bahawalpur in 2019

This is the most recent and the greatest achievement of the inter-services intelligence which saved Pakistan from a big disaster. Just when India was mongering for a war and there were heavy escalations going across the border; the ISI was successful in leaking out the India plan which was to bomb Karachi and Bahawalpur with rockets. That night, ISI locked many targets of India which forced them to move back. Later, PAF bombed 2 Indian jets and both pilots were arrested. Pakistan returned 1 pilot as a good will gesture while the 2nd one is still under the custody of Pakistan. The military denied the presence of the 2nd pilot however; they were the one who acknowledged their presence right after the operation. It is said by some top analyst that the 2nd pilot was Israeli as later; Pakistan confirmed the presence of Israel in the attack.

From carrying out a strong operation named ‘Zarb-e-Azab’ to failing Indian attempt to bomb Pakistan nukes; The ISI have always been above the expectation of the country’s 200 million population. Do you remember any other operation of the ISI? Let us know in the comments below.

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