PIA Vows To Add 5 Billion Increase To Its Annual Revenue

PIA expects an additional revenue of 5 Billion

The ‘Airline’ which was once facing a monthly loss of 5.3 Billion with its total liabilities crossing 300 Billion has finally come out of its debt and is all set to generate some Billions in the coming years. Previously in March 2019, PIA earned 8.5 Billion which was the highest record breaking profit in the last 13 years. Now, PIA expects an additional revenue of 5 Billion annually with minimal loses on both operations and flights.

There were major 2 problems that was resisting PIA to overcome its loss and in earning a secure profit.

  • Loss-Making Routes:-

Pakistan International Airlines had been suffering huge loses in covering routes like Karachi-Kabul, Karachi-Dhaka and Lahore-Delhi. These loss making routes pushed PIA into an enormous debt of RS 360 Billion in 2017 leaving the country’s airline in utter demise. No reasonable steps were taken under the PMLN government and PPP government to improve the declining airline.

What PTI has done that it has abandoned flights on the loss making routes that has prevented the airline from making any sort of operational loss. The step will eventually increase the annual revenue and it may take back its old route in the coming years.

  • Profitable Routes:-

To your surprise, PIA was the first airline in South Asia that introduced auto-ticketing facility. Moreover, it became the first ever airline to fly directly to Tashkent, capital of Uzbekistan. Between 2013 to 2017; PIA was suffering heavy losses on the same routes that were helping private airlines in getting 200% profit.

Financial health of PIA has shown a drastic improvement with the opening of new profitable routes. IF TSA approve Islamabad airport to be secure, PIA will fly directly to USA once again.

  • Grounded Planes

With very limited resources, PIA engineers have repaired the grounded airlines and have made them functional which further aim to increase its revenue share in the fy19-20. Dead engines that were of no use were recently sold by PIA of $5 Million.

  • Ghost Employees:-

We know how corruption occurs through the ghost employees. For years, they have been a matter of concern for everyone that they may leave PIA in an un-repairable condition just like Pakistan Steel Mills. PTI has fired over 200 ghost employees that were adversely effecting its performance.

  • PIA Properties

Last year, a video went viral where a man showed a closed PIA property in UK that was indicating the recklessness of the management. Now, the management has made an outstanding decision as it has decided to give 36 properties of PIA on rent that would further increase the airline revenue.

  • Austerity Drive:-

Imran khan was screaming from the day one that the government as well as the bureaucrats should reduce their expenses and avoid staying in rich hotels as public tax money should be carefully spent. The government has banned foreign trips and staying in luxury hotels for offices and other flight crews.

Moreover, the surplus workers hired have been transferred to other suitable places that would bring betterment to the airline management.

Furthermore, PIA has ordered NAB and FIA to launch an investigation on the possible corruption in the Islamabad Airport. The CEO of PIA, Ghulam Sarwar Khan notified to Air Chief Marshal that Islamabad new airport PC-1 was made at Rs 39 Billion in 2006 but wasn’t made operational. In 2018, it was made operational at a cost of 105 Billion and still it is incomplete.

The current progress of the PIA is indeed exemplary and if it gets continued in the same way, PIA will become the best airline in the south Asia again.

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