No Deadlock against Any Sector – FBR Chairman Shabbar Zaidi

fbr chairman

fbr chairman

While talking to the press today, the FBR chairman has notified that they are no deadlock against any sector and they are even ready to apply fix taxes on small shop owners. He further said that people who own a 1000cc car or 500sq plot should file a tax return.

The chairman advised the business community to ignore the rumors about the NIC need as it doesn’t apply to everyone. People who are registered on the sale tax are bound to submit a copy of NIC on a purchase of more than 50k mobile phone or a 1000cc car.  The rest are not required to submit their national identity card at the time of purchase.

Earlier in the day, a rumor spread that FBR wanted every customer to submit an NIC on any purchase. The chairman has denied and has called it an absolute misjudgment of my words.

He further said that few business intellectuals are taking CNIC In forefront against their demands. Furthermore, he made it clear that the government want to increase the tax net to avoid mismanagement and tax fraud.

He further said that it is very difficult to estimate the worth of business according to its size.

‘We cannot compare a gold shop of 10 x 10 by an Iron Shop of 100 x 100’.

However, he said that we are working on the fix tax scheme for the small business that would eventually remove the hurdle of the CNIC.

On the PTA blocked phones, he said that many mobile phones, which are in millions, were imported without duties. So the business community who most deal in mobile phones wants them to be unblocked at much lower rates than PTA imposed. On it, the fbr chairman said that he will try to find a better solution to the PTA problem.

The FBR chairman lauded that there has been no tax imposed on wheat or flour. He refused to claim responsibility for the increase prices of roti across the country.

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