List Of Pakistani Made Products That You Should Buy Over The Imported Ones

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Keeping in mind the declining economy, devastating effects of inflation on middle class and poor, massive currency devaluation; is there anything we can do to fix it or may be become a landing hand for the government in fighting this tough economic crisis? Indeed, we can. The best answer to this question is ‘By supporting our local industries’.

Patriotism isn’t limited to slogans and songs, but it is to prove your loyalty towards the betterment of the country. Whether or not this country has given you anything, it is time to pay back. And let there be no confusion that Imran khan will wave a magic wand and everything will be fixed; the reality is ‘he can’t do it alone’.

What happens when you buy an imported item?

Let’s suppose: you go to the market and buy an imported shampoo for Rs. 150.

On average, Rs 10 would be the wholesaler profit and Rs 15 would be the retailer profit.

What about the rest 125?

The rest of the money will go out of Pakistan to the relevant business.

So only Rs 25 stays in Pakistan.

This is how currency devaluation takes place.

But if you buy a locally manufactured product (made in Pakistan), you are indirectly helping the country’s economy because in this case; all of the money stays in the country.

“IMPORTED PRODUCTS ARE BETTER IN QUALITY” this is our perspective towards buying all sort of things. We always go for an imported item over a locally manufactured item because we have a perspective build that Pakistani products aren’t up to the mark. This isn’t just limited to shopping, but is entering in our lives and values. People who wear western or adopt a western style are nowadays considered as the educated class.

This needs to be changed.

This is a matter of fact that in some areas Pakistani products are slightly below in quality and needs to get better.

I have gathered a list of Pakistani products that you need to add them in your shopping list.
Note:- Bar code starting with 896 indicates a Pakistani made product.


Tea industry is on a constant rise in Pakistan because people here can’t live without a cup of tea. Tea is very important to us and it’s more than just an addiction.

On average, Pakistanis consume 172,911 tonnes of black tea every year. Do we use locally made tea or the imported ones? Check it out.

These are 3 Pakistani made tea products that are widely available in all over Pakistan.
1) Tapal Tea
2) Lipton
3) Brooke Bond
4) Tetley

If you have been buying the imported ones, it is time to give the local products a go.

Electronic Items:-

Electronic industry is a never ending business in Pakistan. When buying electronic items, go for these:
1) PEL TV | PEL Refrigerator
2) Orient TV | Orient Refrigerator
3) Orange TV
4) Waves Singer Refrigerator


There is a massive competition in the soap industry as you will find dozens of brands in almost every shop. No doubt, soap industry is again a never ending business so why no support the local production?

Here are few brands of Soaps that are Pakistani made.
1) Tibet
2) Care
3) Sufi
4) Capri
5) Hoor



Sugar consumption is by far the most high in Pakistan. No doubt, beverages are a must-have in our meals and gatherings. While finding something similar to Pepsi and Coca Cola can be very difficult, however, you can still give a try to our local drinks, at least once a week.
1) Pakola
2) Gourmet
3) Cola Next

Tooth Paste:-

It is a common item that is included in everyone’s shopping list. Like in soap, there is a very tough competition in this industry as well.
Remember the ones which are made in Pakistan:
1) Medicam
2) English
3) Forhan’s

Milk products:-

Well, Pakistani milk products are far cheaper and better than the imported ones. Few of them includes:-
1) Haleeb
2) Nurpur
3) Day Fresh
4) Olper
5) Millac
6) Good Milk

Cooking Oils:-

To your surprise, we even export one of our cooking oil to various Asian countries. Our Cooking oils are no doubt of the export quality-
1) Dalda
2) Meezan
3) Kisan
4) Sufi
5) Canolive

Shaving Products:-

There are only 2 renowned brands of shaving products that are made in Pakistan.
1) Treet
2) Tibet


Pakistan is in no way behind in the cosmetic world. From facial creams to makeup; they have it all. You just need to be extra careful when buying cosmetic products as sometimes, it isn’t easy to figure out the ones that are manufactured locally by our industries.

Here are few Pakistani products in the cosmetic niche.
1) Olivia cosmetics
2) Tibet Cosmetics
3) Nisa Cosmetics
4) Parley Cosmetics
5) Samsol Cosmetics
6) Bio Amla
7) Saeed Ghani Cosmetics
8) Care Cosmetics

Juices and Squashes

You will find plenty of Pakistani products in the juices category. Some of the renowned names includes
1) Mitchell’s
2) Shangrilla (Fruto)
3) Popular Group Of Industries
4) Youngs
5) English
1) Bisconni
2) Mayfair


Just like cosmetics, Pakistan has done remarkable in the paint industry. You will find plenty of Pakistani products in this niche and to be of no surprise, they are of the best quality.
1) Nelson Paints
2) Brighto Paints
3) Master Paints
Powdered Drinks:-
1) Rooh Afza
2) Jame-e-shirin
3) Sun Dip


Despite the tough competition in the tyre industry, Pakistani tyres have always been the most successful on our roads. I have got few of them in my list.
1) General Tyres
2) Servis Tyres
3) Panther Tyres

Moreover, there are few additional things that you can do to uplift the state-owned institutions.

  1. Use PSO for refueling your bike and car. PSO made a record breaking profit in the fy18-19 due to the great steps taken by the new government. Do add your contribution in lifting this state cooperation.
  2. Use Pakistan Post over TCS or any mailing service. Pakistan post may cost you a bit more but this shouldn’t stop you from using it.
  3. Use PIA for both domestic and internation flights. Soon PIA is going to start direct flights to USA that would remove the hassles of stop overs. So do your contribution in up lifting Pakistan International Airlines.

Your country needs you more than anything. And yes, these small measures can help Pakistan revive from its economic crisis.

If I have missed any important brand, product, or category, do let us know in the comments below.
Pakistan will rise again!

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