PIA Soon To Start Flights To New York


PIA has called upon the transport security administration (TSA) of USA to have Islamabad security cleared so they can start flight operations directly to the USA. The team of the TSA is expected to come on 17th July 2019.

Since PIA lost its significant route in 2017, Pakistanis have been screaming for direct flights to USA. Excessive waiting on the layovers and the hassle of changing terminals is what troubles everyone. Back in the old days when PIA had the USA routes covered, it was much easier for everyone to fly directly at minimal rates and in less time.

Pakistan International Airlines had been in a massive debt of amount Rs 360 Billion for over the last decade. The country airlines lost many significant routes under the tenure of PMLN and PPP which continued to hurt it as its lose value in both domestic  and international flight operations.

The chances of getting cleared are moderate because if we look in the past, none of the Pakistan’s airports were cleared by the TSA. But this time, PIA is positive about the new Islamabad airport which is equipped with profound security element.

With no other option left than to stop at Manchester airport, PIA suffered heavy losses as it had to suspend flights to USA.

Earlier this month, PIA was constantly in touch with the Islamabad embassy in USA to coordinate with TSA team to visit to Pakistan. Moreover, a French team closely inspected the Pakistani airports and has stated that they are of the international standard.

If Pakistan got cleared out;

It would be great news for the overseas Pakistanis. Direct flight means no hassle of layovers at airport and of changing terminals. People will be able to fly to new york and other USA states directly without any hassle.

Secondly, it will help the crumbling PIA to revive and overcome against the massive debt. Regaining the old routes is what PIA was after; if they do that, half of the job is done.

Last, but not the least, it will allow people in Pakistan to fly directly to USA without stopping anywhere.

With TSA visit to Pakistan next month, will PIA be able to achieve new heights?

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